Missions 2 was produced by Henri Debeurme and Raphael Rocher with Empreinte Digitale and directed by Julien Lacombe. The shooting took us from the Pyrénées mountains, to the Périgord where we constructed our village on Mars. We built an outdoor studio hut which transformed into five different interiors. The construction work was executed by Copeaux Cabana, a team of carpenters that usually builds tree houses! The spaceship was built in a studio near Paris.  I worked with the ingenious Chris Calcus, Paul-Bruno Largy and the constructors from 6 bis in Vitry.  The whole shooting was awesome. Costume designers Marion Moulés, Matthieu Camblor ,director of photography Maxime Lecointe and myself worked  in symbiosis and we are quite proud of the artistic result!

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Missions 2 by Julien Lacombe

Genetic Engineering Lab